Don't ask me how two people ended up writing for miss padfoot...I really don't know.

Anyway, there are two more drabbles yet to be posted. One of them is the drabble written for me, the other is the one written for FanficWriterNikki. I wrote Nikki's and it's stuck on my broken laptop, because no, I didn't pm it to myself. You can better believe that if there's a next time with this sort of thing, that I will pm my entry to myself and save all of the drabbles I receive to my computer so that if my computer or the forums go out....all of the bases will be covered.

Anyway, I won't post mine until I can get Nikki's up. Here is the masterlist of what's been posted so far:

Harry’s Day Out
By miss padfoot

Too Much Makeup
By Loralie

The Beast
By Just Tink

A Halloween Surprise
By Gonz

Bogles Crossing
By coppercurls

Delirious Delusions
By Gryffinpuff

For Tonight at Midnight Bell, All Hallows Eve Turns All Hallows Hell
By Roxy Black

All Hallows Hell
By Roxy Black

First Halloween
By Schmerg_the_Impaler

By Rob Matthews

Fateful Footsteps
By ravenclawslion17

By FanficWriterNikki