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Gift for: Schmergo
Title: Pumpkinhead
Holiday Level: Tricky Treat
Genre: General
Rating: 1st-2nd years
Characters/Pairings: Theo/Schmergo
Summary: A competition between Theo and Schmergo accidentally harms an innocent bystander.
Warnings: N/A

Schmergo happily sat the Hufflepuff table in the Great Hall, giggling at every possible moment and frequently bursting into great fits of laughter. Today was going to be a marvelous day. A wonderful day. A spectacular day. Theo had challenged her to get him back, and she had everything all prepared for him.

Was that fateful day just a week ago? Schmergo could recall it instantly. She was sitting under a tree on the Hogwarts grounds, absent-mindedly humming to herself as she read over her Potions homework during what was a gorgeous Thursday afternoon. Lost in her own little world, she pretended to read the words on the pages while her imagination made sure know studying actually was completed. There is no better season than fall, she thought to herself, the kids getting reacquainted, the pretty smells and colors, life is absolutely perfect. She watched as a Gryffindor couple walked by, a few Ravenclaw fifth years were sprinting away clutching a Charms textbook while a first year ran in pursuit, and she saw a few of the Hufflepuffs wave to her. Schmergo had not a care in the world.

Until, of course, that next moment in which a large group of feather-projectiles flew out of her book and into her face, completely taking her by surprise. She was blinded and choked by feathers, and she coughed and coughed in an attempt to get them out of her mouth. Finally, when the scene of chaos was starting to subside, Theo walked out from behind the tree and did a great bow in front of Schmergo, happily bragging, "Quite a bit of spell-work there, eh?"

Schmergo glared. "It just caught me off guard, is all," she replied with a turn of her face, "I’m afraid you really didn’t impress me."

"Oh? Well I’ll bet you couldn’t do any better."

"Oh yeah?"



Schmergo then huffed and puffed off, the gears in her brain rapidly turning to figure out a mode of retaliation.

Now, one week later, her plan was in motion. She looked down at her watch. "Only five more minutes!" she squealed to the girls at the Hufflepuff table. They looked at her, interested and yet disinterested at the same time. Schmergo repeatedly looked down at her watch, waiting for the moment to come. Finally, her watch magically made a beeping sound.

"Okay, this is it! Theo always comes in to breakfast at 9:38. The next Slytherin to come through the doors to the Hall is going to have a pumpkin fall on their head! Isn’t it brilliant?" She then gave what was a very evil laugh.

The girls looked at her strangely. "But, what if another Slytherin walks in first?"

"They won’t. Trust me," Schmergo said as she winked back. All of the Hufflepuffs looked at anticipation, and saw Theo about to enter the hall. Wide smiles erupted across the table.

Then, Theo innocently reached down to tie his undone shoe. As he did, Snape passed him and walked into the room.


Schmergo turned a bright shade of red and put her face in her hands. Amy laughed, "Don’t worry, Snape always has been a pumpkin-head."
Hi, this is Schmergo, and I absolutely adore this blur! It made me SQUEEEEE so loudly that it registered on the Richter Scale.

The weird thing is, I am freakishly in-character. That sounds exactly like me, and I about died laughing at the image of Snape with a pumpkin on his head.

FANTASTIC JOB once again!