Gift for: Miss Padfoot
Title: Too Much Makeup
Holiday Level: Tricky Treat
Genre: History -Mauraders Era
Rating: 1st-2nd Years
Characters: Lily, Mauraders
Summary: The Mauraders need to get back at Lily for her latest prank...
Warnings: I can't write Humor…

Lily was sitting by a window in the common room, showing a third year with long black hair how to apply eye shadow.

“Evans, is that how you do it?”

“What’s that Sirius?”

He grinned. “Transform into something presentable versus the troll you normally look like.”

“Oh Ha Ha. You are so funny. Ignore him Tanya. He’s a prat.”

Sirius walked over to the squashy armchairs by the fire where James and Remus were sitting. He kneeled down and spoke softly so the girls across the room couldn’t hear him. “Okay guys, Halloween is in 3 days. We have to do something to get Lily back for the time she bewitched us.”

James wholeheartedly agreed. “Yea, every time I looked in the mirror, all I saw was this big green troll.”

“At least you were male! I got a hag, and Moony over there got a banshee.”

“So what are we going to do?” Lupin asked, curious as to what could top that.

“It’ll have to be good.”

The friends sat around, deep in thought. After a while, James looked up, his eyes twinkling.

“I got it. Oh Merlin, do I have it.”

The others looked at him in surprise.

“Here’s what I was thinking…”

The boys stayed up late into the night planning. This was going to be great.


The evening before Halloween, the Common Room was full. Lily was by the window again, having done such a good job on Tanya that the other girls wanted tips and tricks. Sirius came over holding out a bag to Lily.

“Hey, peace offering? I’m sorry about what I said the other day. Okay, well I’m not, but James said I had to apologize.” He grinned sheepishly.

Lily eyed him suspiciously. “Ok, fine. You’re forgiven. What’s in the bag?”

“Just some stuff that my cousin Andromeda got for her birthday that she didn’t like, so I thought maybe you could use it. Or, at least some of these other girls might want it.”

Sirius opened the bag, just as Peter and Remus rolled by, wrestling on the floor. They knocked into Sirius, and the contents of the bag spilled onto Lily’s lap, mixing with her own things. The two boys quickly stood and muttered sincere apologies to Lily for making a mess. They really were scared of their best friend’s girlfriend most of the time.


Halloween morning, Lily, Tayna, and several other Gryffindor girls missed breakfast. No one saw them most of the day either. It was all the four Mauraders could do to keep from laughing out loud all day long. The missing students finally showed up as everyone was getting ready for dinner. Lily came into the common room first, her entire body a bright robin’s egg blue. Next was Tanya, colored a magnificent shade of violet. Each girl came in with a different color covering their skin, some more than others.

One of the first year boys couldn’t contain it anymore. “Merlin! What happened to you! Did you guys decide to be Easter eggs for Halloween?”

After shooting him a look that could kill, Lily walked up to the snickering Sirius Black and gave him a sickeningly sweet smile. “Why, Mr. Black. I don’t suppose you know how my skin turned blue?”

“Maybe you, Miss Evans, shouldn’t use so much makeup.”

At that, the four Marauders laughed hysterically, though all the while they knew they were in big trouble later.